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Board Appointment Announcement


Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. welcomes the newly appointed members of its Board effective 3. March 2020. The new members will serve a 1 year term and are reinstated annually by the shareholders.

The new Swiss Ocean Tech Board of Directors bring to the table an impressive and diverse range of background disciplines and a wealth of experience and knowledge to help guide funding and go-to-market recommendations.

The new Board:

Thomas Frizlen blue shirt 2

Thomas Frizlen serves as Chairman of the Board. Mr. Frizlen is founder and managing director of Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. First and foremost, Thomas is a sailor. He brings his passion and experience since childhood into the company and leads the team forward in their endeavour to bring safety to anchoring. From trade and training he is an industrial engineer and spent most of his career working with international companies in global supply chain management positions.

Matthias Oswald

Matthias Oswald is founder and CEO of iWay. iWay AG is an Internet Service Provider offering the full band of internet services from a simple email account over dsl, ms exchange, webhosting, data center service to ip transit.  His entrepreneurial vein and his passion for sailing culminated in his investing in Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd.

Elian Kool

Elian Kool is an Entrepreneur at heart with comprehensive experience in building and scaling digital companies. With Gentian Investments, he actively invests in early-stage startups and serves as a member of the board on various startups.  He co-founded Netcentric, a digital experience consultancy and scaled it to more than 600 employees across Europe.  After having sold the company to Cognizant in 2017, he continued to lead Netcentric as CEO until 2019.  In early 2020, he co-founded, a digital marketplace which aims to revolutionise the direct to consumer sales of wine with a storytelling approach. 

Andreas Schück

Andreas Schück covers the role of Treasury Director ensuring policies and procedures meet the objectives, needs and regulatory body requirements of the company. He comes with over 20 years of experience with accounting and controlling in the banking industry and brings vast know-how in building financial structures. He just recently joined the start-up as Head of Finance.

Swiss Ocean Tech Managing Director Thomas Frizlen confirms, “our recruitment and staff development over the next few years will be key to our success and meeting of objectives. It is a very exciting time within the business and a great opportunity for all to develop along with the company.”

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