Swiss Ocean Tech

Meet Nilo – Our Zen Master and Sounding Board

What attracted you to Swiss Ocean Tech? It all happened pretty much organically.  Being part of Thomas Frizlen’s family, I just seamlessly became the company’s sounding board and “Zen Master”.  By the way, those descriptions were not my idea, but I think they suit me.  I am the kind of dog who likes harmony, peace […]

Anchor Chains Break…But that doesn’t mean our vessels have to as well


When the superyacht Nakoa broke loose from its moorings Feb. 19, the crew could not react fast enough to thwart disaster. Now Nakoa lies at the bottom of the sea but only after first damaging coral rock and the protected coastal area of the Honolulu Bay. Managing risk is all about being prepared for the […]

It is a special day – we have a birthday to celebrate

Happy Birthday Swiss Ocean Tech!You just made it to 3 and we couldn’t be prouder. We figure the best way to celebrate is by drawing attention to seagrass. Why seagrass? For 2 very good reasons: 1. Seagrass and anchoring are intricately entwined, so it makes sense for us to focus on it. 2. March is […]

Meet Thomas Burch – Founder Interview Series 6/6

Thomas Burch

January 26, 2023  “My whole career has been focused on fusing bright ideas from brilliant people to create world-class technologies.” says Thomas (Thomi) Burch, Head of Research & Development and co-founder of Swiss Ocean Tech (SOC). If ever there has been a straight line along a career path, then Thomi’s professional life provides the perfect […]

Meet Suzy Chisholm – Founder Interview Series 5/6


“There is something soothing about being next to open water. I am always drawn to it, no matter where I go. I’ll sit down along the shoreline and look out over the vast landscape of blue. My systems slow down, calmness overcomes me – I guess you could say, it makes me happy”, says Suzy […]

Our Founder is Finding His Voice…Literally


It has been a long haul for Thomas. Five months ago he was unexpectedly rushed to the hospital with his life hanging by a thread. The ensuing operation kept him alive and kicking but for the most part, decimated his voice. Since that time, not a lot of progress has been made with his vocal […]

Meet Erik Asplund – Founder Interview Series 4/6


“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” Albert Einstein Swiss Ocean Tech has been founded on curious minds, as a walk through our interview series with other co-founders will confirm. This month’s focus, Erik Asplund, co-founder and hydroacoustics and signal processing specialist, is no different. There is […]

You Have Questions…We Have Answers

What does AnchorGuardian do? AnchorGuardian provides safety for sailor, ship and sea.  It minimises the risk of anchor dragging, provides immediate fail-safe alarms and predicts anchor hold.   What does the AnchorGuardian solution consist of? The complete go-to-market AnchorGuardian solution is based on four principal modules: How does AnchorGuardian protect the environment? A dragging anchor creates […]