Swiss Ocean Tech

Meet Jörg Wagner – Founder Interview Series 3/6


“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”. The moon landing inspired generations including one 10-year-old boy, our focus of today, Jörg Wagner.  Now a Professor at the University of Stuttgart, he is a co-founder of Swiss Ocean Tech and a renowned specialist for inertial navigation.  He referred to the astronauts at […]

What To Do When Your Founder Knocks on Death’s Door

Short answer: You pull together as a team and keep the ship moving forward. The long answer is considerably more complicated but none-the-less powerful as an invaluable lesson. It is a lesson which is now an integral part of our story, and a part of the Swiss Ocean Tech DNA. For this reason, we have […]

Celebrating our Second Birthday as a Stock Company

First and foremost, today we turn officially two. I say officially because Swiss Ocean Tech has been in the hearts and minds of our team for many years and has been privately owned since 2013.  Our co-founders volunteered their time and ideas long before we put our names on the dotted line to make it […]

Meet Stephan Nigg – Founder Interview Series 2/6

“Creative order”, that is where he feels most at home. Stephan Nigg, our Senior Hardware Engineer and Co-Founder, thrives in an environment that for others would seem disorganized but for him, everything has its place. “I can see in my mind’s eye how all the various flying pieces must come together to make things work. […]

Meet Thomas Frizlen – Founder Interview Series 1/6

Thomas, you are the founder of Swiss Ocean Tech.  Did you always want to have your own company? Big business has always fascinated me.  When I finished my master’s degree from Sweden back in 1993, I started working for ABB in Switzerland.  It was global, it was complex, it was quick-paced and I loved it.  […]

Let’s Talk Anchoring

Anchoring, like sailing, goes back millennia, some records say as early as 3000-1500 BCE. Subsequently, where there is an anchor, there will also be anchor dragging and a dragging anchor can wreak havoc not only on underwater pipelines and cables but they also rip up fragile marine ecosystems in their path, damage seabeds and destroy […]

What can happen when an anchor doesn’t hold

It is not very often that an oil spill is attributed to a dragging anchor. Thank goodness. But when it does occur, the fallout is enormous – for the environment, for the local economy and for the fish and wildlife living in the contaminated area. The good news is, what is today does not have […]

Safe anchoring for sailor, ship and sea…but not always in that order

There is not always a correlation made between ocean health and anchor dragging – but there should be.  Whether you sail your own boat, spend your holidays on a floating hotel or have your latest gadget shipped from another continent, it could very well be indirectly influencing the state of the seas.  If nothing else, […]

Making “Safe Anchoring” a Thing

I have been asking myself this for years.  It is the question which spurred me on to found Swiss Ocean Tech with five of my colleagues.  It will be the question accompanying us for some time to come as the problem is bigger than most people think.  But we are working on a solution.  Let’s […]