Frequently Asked Questions

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We delivered the first pilot for testing to Superyacht Captain Luke Windle end of 2021. More pilots are to follow in 2022.
Depending on the customer segment (superyachts, merchant ships, leisure boats or fishing vessels) the market introduction varies. To receive timely information when the product for your vessel will become available, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form.
AnchorGuardian does not manage the anchoring process nor replace a captain or crew member. Just like GPS is supporting you in navigating, AnchorGuardian is supporting you when laying and lifting the anchor as well as when at anchor with relevant information which is not available today. AnchorGuardian enables you to base your decisions on factual data in real time.
AnchorGuardian is NMEA2000 compatible.
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Enough to win the America’s Cup and to participate in the Vendee Globe ☺ On a more serious note, we love sailing, are boat owners and have worked as sailing instructor and charter skipper. But most importantly, we have the expertise, drive and passion to realise AnchorGuardian together with our renowned partners in the marine segment.
Yacht monitoring maintains watch over the movements of a boat. Not every boat movement signals anchor drag and can lead to false alarms. Anchor monitoring measures the exact movement of the anchor, independent of the boat. Anchor monitoring tells the user exactly what is happening on the seafloor and provides early warnings and supports the user to set the anchor in the best possible way.
AnchorGuardian does not use GPS technology as a GPS signal does not travel through water. Our technology monitors the anchor. GPS technology monitors the boat.
Any size of vessel that requires an anchor can and should use the AnchorGuardian solution. Together we can bring more safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea.
AnchorGuardian can be used independent of the anchor or anchor chain type. Neither the anchor nor the chain is altered in any way.
To receive a personal pre-information on the functionality and the graphical user interface of AnchorGuardian, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form.
Following the installation process, the anchor is deployed as usual. No additional preparation, nothing to connect and no buttons to push are required. The information flow starts automatically when you start lowering your anchor and ends when the anchor is stowed.
Yes. AnchorGuardian can be installed on existing and new built vessels.
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