In this 6-part interview series, we introduce you to each of our (co-)founders.   Over the past year, we have highlighted one person to be featured in our eNewsletter “Let’s Talk Safe Anchoring” issues. 

What brought them to Swiss Ocean Tech? What keeps them up at night? What do they wish for the future? Basically, what makes them tick.  

Thomas Frizlen

Thomas Frizlen

Founder, Managing Director, sailor, husband, father and our eternal optimist.  He brought Swiss Ocean Tech to life and has set us on a path of bringing the very first worldwide solution that monitors the position and absolute movements of a ship’s anchor to every captain of a boat. 

Suzy Chisholm

Co-Founder & Head of Company Communications

“There is something soothing about being next to open water. I am always drawn to it, no matter where I go.”

Stephan Nigg

Co-Founder & Senior Hardware Engineer

“Engineering is a journey with many ups and downs. If there is no uphill challenge, then the solution would either already exist or it simply wouldn’t be worth the effort.”

Jörg Wagner

Co-Founder & Inertial Navigation and Algorithms Specialist 

“Sophisticated, precise and safe. That is what anchoring should be.” 

Erik Asplund

Co-Founder & Hydroacoustics and Signal Processing Specialist

“We are always bordering on what is technologically possible and it is the thrill of creating something entirely new, which ultimately appeals to me.”

Thomas Burch

Co-Founder & Head of Research and Development 

“My whole career has been focused on fusing bright ideas from brilliant people to create world-class technologies.”