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New AnchorGuardian Website Launched Today!

May 3, 2023
Our new AnchorGuardian Website Launched Today!

Swiss Ocean Tech Wins the INNOVATION WORLD CUP® in the Mobility category at Hannover Messe

April 19, 2023
Swiss Ocean Tech wins the INNOVATION WORLD CUP® in the Mobility category at Hannover Messe

Swiss Ocean Tech is finalist at the Monaco Smart Yacht “Innovation Award” competition

March 24, 2023
Swiss Ocean Tech is finalist at the Monaco Smart Yacht Innovation Award competition.

Anchor Chains Break…But that doesn’t mean our vessels have to as well

March 7, 2023
Managing risk is all about being prepared for the future.

It is a special day – we have a birthday to celebrate

March 3, 2023
Happy Birthday Swiss Ocean Tech! You just made it to 3 and we couldn’t be prouder.

Meet Thomas Burch – Founder Interview Series 6/6

January 26, 2023
This is the last of our Founder interview series.  This month’s focus, Thomas Burch, co-founder and Head of Research & Development

Swiss Ocean Tech closes Pre-Series A Financing Round of CHF1’500’000

October 18, 2022
Swiss Ocean Tech, the Swiss start-up bringing safety to anchoring, successfully closed its Pre-Series A financing round of MCHF 1,5. Swiss Ocean Tech will use the funds to focus on industrialisation and bringing AnchorGuardian to market in 2023.

Meet Suzy Chisholm – Founder Interview Series 5/6

October 6, 2022
Swiss Ocean Tech has been founded on passionate minds, as a walk through our interview series with other co-founders will confirm. This month’s focus, Suzy Chisholm, co-founder and Head of Company Communications.

Swiss Ocean Tech & SAIM Marine of the SAIM Group Announce Their Strategic Partnership Today

September 28, 2022
Swiss Ocean Tech & SAIM Marine, distributor and manufacturer of high-tech equipment, announce their joint partnership today.

How to Rethink The Art of Anchoring: Safety, Environmental Challenges and Solutions

September 24, 2022
Sailors have been anchoring the same way for centuries.  Maybe it is time to start rethinking the whole process.

Our Founder is Finding His Voice…Literally

June 13, 2022

Ever so often life throws you a curve-ball.  This one took us all for a ride but we are back on track stronger than ever.  Especially Thomas.

Meet Erik Asplund – Founder Interview Series 4/6

May 27, 2022
Swiss Ocean Tech has been founded on curious minds, as a walk through our interview series with other co-founders will confirm. This month: meet Erik

You Have Questions…We Have Answers

May 25, 2022
Over the past 2 years, we have received numerous questions from you.  Here we are addressing the most prevalent ones.  Keep them coming, we are happy to hear what is on your mind.

Swiss Ocean Tech named a 2022 finalist for the Ocean Awards in the “innovation” category

April 11, 2022
It is always something special to be considered for an award but there are quite simply some awards which stand out more than others. This is one of those cases.

Meet Jörg Wagner – Founder Interview Series 3/6

March 25, 2022
The moon landing inspired generations including one 10-year-old boy, our focus of today, Jörg Wagner.  Now a Professor at the University of Stuttgart, he is a co-founder of Swiss Ocean Tech and a renowned specialist for inertial navigation.

What To Do When Your Founder Knocks on Death’s Door

March 23, 2022
Short answer: You pull together as a team and keep the ship moving forward. The long answer is considerably more complicated but none-the-less powerful as an invaluable lesson.

Letting the Data Talk: Results from our first pilot study

March 22, 2022
The purpose of our pilot was relatively simple; to collect as much data as possible, validate the functionality of AnchorGuardian and get the users feedback. Together with Luke’s support, we were able to do just that and all data confirmed the algorithms and sensors were working well.

Celebrating our Second Birthday as a Stock Company

March 3, 2022
First and foremost, today we turn officially two. I say officially because Swiss Ocean Tech has been in the hearts and minds of our team for many years and has been privately owned since 2013.

Swiss Ocean Tech and EPS team up to bring safety to anchoring

February 15, 2022
Swiss start-up Swiss Ocean Tech has signed a strategic partnership agreement with Singapore based Eastern Pacific Shipping Pte. Ltd. (EPS) in a bid to further develop, promote and commercialize its AnchorGuardian patented technology.

Meet Stephan Nigg – Founder Interview Series 2/6

January 28, 2022
“Creative order”, that is where he feels most at home. Stephan Nigg, our Senior Hardware Engineer and Co-Founder, thrives in an environment that for others would seem disorganized but for him, everything has its place.

Putting AnchorGuardian to the Test – A Pilot Study with Superyacht Captain Luke Windle

January 25, 2022
When I asked Luke Windle, Captain of Yachts for 20 years, why he wanted to be involved in our pilot study, he was quick to respond: “I have never partaken in any kind of study before, but AnchorGuardian certainly struck a chord with me.

Meet Thomas Frizlen – Founder Interview Series 1/6

November 29, 2021
Anchoring has been on my mind for as long as I can remember.  On the one hand it is this unknown entity when sailing and brings an element of uncertainty.  On the other hand, it is an art and demands great skill.  Even when you anchor well, you are never 100% sure that the anchor will hold.

Let’s Talk Anchoring

November 9, 2021
Anchoring, like sailing, goes back millennia, some records say as early as 3000-1500 BCE. Subsequently, where there is an anchor, there will also be anchor dragging and a dragging anchor can wreak havoc not only on underwater pipelines and cables but they also rip up fragile marine ecosystems in their path, damage seabeds and destroy aquatic wildlife.

What can happen when an anchor doesn’t hold

October 14, 2021
It is not very often that an oil spill is attributed to a dragging anchor. Thank goodness. But when it does occur, the fallout is enormous – for the environment, for the local economy and for the fish and wildlife living in the contaminated area.

Pantaenius Insurance Highlights AnchorGuardian in their Annual Customer Newsletter

September 2, 2021
This week Pantaenius Insurance distributes their annual publication “Yachting News 2021/22”, including an in-depth article on AnchorGuardian.

Safe anchoring for sailor, ship and sea…but not always in that order

July 28, 2021
There is not always a correlation made between ocean health and anchor dragging – but there should be.  Whether you sail your own boat, spend your holidays on a floating hotel or have your latest gadget shipped from another continent, it could very well be indirectly influencing the state of the seas. 

Making “Safe Anchoring” a Thing

May 17, 2021
I have been asking myself this for years.  It is the question which spurred me on to found Swiss Ocean Tech with five of my colleagues.  It will be the question accompanying us for some time to come as the problem is bigger than most people think. 

Celebrating Our First Anniversary

March 3, 2021
Anchoring dates back millennia.  Over thousands of years, sailors from all walks of life have been crisscrossing the oceans waters in search of their own holy grail.  And although sailing has evolved monumentally over this period of time, the art of anchoring – and the dangers surrounding it – has remained by and large unaffected.

Swiss Ocean Tech Announces Appointment of First Board Advisor

January 5, 2021
Vicky Farrow to serve as board advisor as of January 2021, bringing expertise from the marine industry in marketing & sales, concept and development and communications activities.

Swiss Ocean Tech Wins Silver Medal in Switzerland’s Leading Start-Up Competition

June 22, 2020
2nd Place Win in <<venture>> competition 2020

Seal of Excellence received from Horizon 2020

May 5, 2020
European Commission recognizes project with future

Board Appointment Announcement

March 3, 2020
Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. welcomes the newly appointed members of its Board effective 3. March 2020. The new members will serve a 1 year term and are reinstated annually by the shareholders.

Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. closes 1st seed financing round of 980’000CHF

February 15, 2020
Shortly after registering as a shares corporation beginning of the year, Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. successfully closes its first seed financing round.

About Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd.

Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. is a Swiss based company publicly registered in 2020. With a team of 8 spread out across Europe, Swiss Ocean Tech partners with leading research and technology organisations as well as global maritime players to bring safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea.

Home of AnchorGuardian, a cutting-edge and patented technology which offers a complete range of intelligent data throughout the anchoring procedure and immediately recognizes anchor drag, thus minimizing the risk of groundings, collisions and environmental damage.   Still in the testing phase, AnchorGuardian is set to go into production in 2023.

In the spring of 2020, Swiss Ocean Tech won the silver award in Switzerland’s leading start-up competition with venture.ch.