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Pantaenius Insurance Highlights AnchorGuardian in their Annual Customer Newsletter


This week Pantaenius Insurance, one of the leading yacht insurance providers in the world, will begin distributing their annual publication β€œYachting News 2021/22β€œ, including an in-depth article on AnchorGuardian (see pages 14-17).     

It is exciting when 12 months before the go-to-market date, your innovation is already highlighted on the front page of a newsletter serving superyacht clients all over the world.  More importantly, it brings the topic of anchor dragging and its effects on sailor, ship and sea to the forefront.  As an industry, it is time to address this burning issue and assume responsibility where we can. 

As stated by Holger Flindt in the article, β€œThe topic is as old as seafaring itself. If Swiss Ocean Tech succeeds in delivering on its promise, it would be a milestone and a great signal to the industry that, in addition to incremental improvements, there is definitely room for real innovation.”

Thank you Pantaenius Insurance for this opportunity. 

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