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Seal of Excellence received from Horizon 2020


To be a recipient of the European Commission’s “Seal of Excellence” sends one clear message, the proposal submitted is of a high-quality. Not only are the requirements stringent, but the juries base their decision process on an intricate criteria roster focused on impact, excellence and quality & efficiency of implementation.

Seal of excellence horizon 2020

Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. was awarded the Seal of Excellence today meaning they passed the quality threshold but could not be funded under the available call budget. With the appraisal scale ranging from insufficient (0 points) to excellent (5 points), Swiss Ocean Tech remained in the very good to excellent range for all three criteria points of which a few highlights here are mentioned.


  • a realistic and relevant analysis of market conditions and grow-rate
  • a convincing description of targeted users and customers of the innovation and how their needs are being addressed
  • an overall strategic plan for commercialisation and potential for scaling-up the company


  • highly innovative solution that goes beyond the state of the art in comparison with existing or competing solutions
  • realistic description of current stage of development


  • availability of resources required
  • technical/business experience of the team

Not noted in the Evaluation Summary Report but carrying its own weight in importance, is the impact of this selection on the ones who made this proposal possible. It is an honorary distinction of the team, their commitment and dedication to a cause and the value they will ultimately bring to their industry.

To learn more about Swiss Ocean Tech and their mission to make anchoring safe, visit the Horizon 2020 website: 

Horizon 2020

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