bluefin-led-RFLmid3FLjE-unsplash_adjusted1 SAFE ANCHORING

Providing safety during anchoring by identifying
in real-time the dangerous dragging of the anchor


Offering peace of mind to crew by monitoring the absolute
movement of the anchor and providing early alarms

Underside of anchored boat SAFE ANCHORING

Contributing to the preservation of the marine environment


All the intelligence you need when anchoring
When you need it

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At Swiss Ocean Tech, we believe in safe anchoring.

Our mission is to ensure that no matter the size of a vessel – whether it be a leisure boat, merchant ship, fishing vessel or super yacht – all information needed whilst anchoring is available to ensure safety for sailor, ship and sea.

Home of AnchorGuardian, a cutting-edge and patented technology which offers a complete range of intelligent data throughout the anchoring procedure and immediately recognizes anchor drag, thus minimizing the risk of groundings, collisions and environmental damage. Still in the testing phase, AnchorGuardian is set to go into production in 2023.


Swiss Ocean Tech named a 2022 finalist for the Ocean Awards in the “innovation award” category.

The Ocean Awards are hosted by the Blue Marine Foundation, a leading UK ocean conservatory foundation, and BOAT International, one of the leading superyacht magazines.

The Innovation Award recognises the individual, company or group that has this year publicly introduced innovative measures for reducing stress on the oceans or for improving ocean health.

This recognition confirms the sustainable impact of AnchorGuardian by helping to avoid oil spills and other contaminations in the oceans and lakes, by reducing the impact on plant and animal life at the seafloor and by providing useful information to the scientific community and mapping sensitive areas where anchoring should be regulated.

venture competition
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<<venture>> is the leading competition for start-ups in Switzerland.  As a finalist in the Industrial & Engineering vertical, Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. was placed second overall putting it at the top 5% of all participants.  Passion, great teamwork and an innate understanding of what is needed to make shipping safer and more sustainable were the key winning criteria.   

Word on the Water

Hear directly from Captain Luke Windle


Please reach out to us via the Contact Us form so that we can answer your specific questions directly.
We delivered the first pilot for testing to Superyacht Captain Luke Windle end of 2021. More pilots are to follow in 2022.
Depending on the customer segment (superyachts, merchant ships, leisure boats or fishing vessels) the market introduction varies. To receive timely information when the product for your vessel will become available, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form.