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Safe anchoring for sailor, ship and sea

Providing safety during anchoring by identifying in real-time the dangerous dragging of the anchor.

Swiss Ocean Tech

Established in 2020, our Swiss startup was founded by a team of experts who united in 2018. Specializing exclusively in the maritime industry, our diverse team brings expertise in sailing, navigation, electrical engineering, mechatronics, and communications.

Committed to advancing maritime safety, our flagship solution is AnchorGuardian. This innovative anchoring system utilizes patented technology to autonomously detect anchor drift in real time, independent of any vessel movement. Rapid notifications and alarms enable the captain or crew to react promptly, preventing potential harm to the vessel, crew, and environment.

AnchorGuardian – safety for sailor, ship and sea.

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We are building a club of 100 superyacht captains who are thought leaders, pioneers, early adopters, ocean lovers and innovation enthusiasts. We are looking for those unique leaders who seek solutions to hone both their own exemplary skills and the skills of their crew when anchoring.

Bringing safety to anchoring

Our mission is to meticulously facilitate the entire anchoring procedure, from laying the anchor, through the vessel being at anchor, to the final stage of lifting the anchor. This commitment extends across a spectrum of vessels, including leisure boats, merchant ships, fishing vessels, and superyachts.

We are devoted to providing comprehensive information essential for safe anchoring, prioritizing the well-being of sailors, the integrity of ships, and the preservation of the marine environment. Regardless of the maritime category, our dedication remains unwavering, offering a universal standard for anchoring safety.

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Why do we care?

Despite advanced naval navigation equipment, current technology fails to provide the crew with real-time information on the extent, speed, and manner in which the anchor may be dragging.
There is no peace of mind when anchoring.


Thanks to the dedication and efforts of our talented team, our innovative AnchorGuardian solution has gained recognition from various bodies, both within and outside the industry, emphasizing sustainability, design, innovation, and impact driven technology.

SOT 6 Award
SOT 1 Award
SOT 5 Award
SOT 4 Award
SOT 2 Award
SOT 3 Award

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