Bringing Safety To Anchoring

Anchoring is a routine operation, as frequent as mooring or loading and unloading cargo. The whole anchoring process – from laying to hoisting the anchor – is critical for the safety of crew and passengers. It is a dangerous operation that requires specific skills and continuous attention, and demands keeping a constant anchor watch.

Although a ships crew will aim to lay the anchor in the best way and keep checking whether the anchor is still holding, recognition of dragging can come too late resulting in precious time being lost to avoid a subsequent collision or grounding. 

AnchorGuardian offers all the intelligence you need while anchoring. 
When you need it. 

Providing Critical Information And Alarms

Laying The Anchor

diagram laying an anchor
  • Depth of anchor and distance to seabed
  • When anchor reaches bottom
  • Orientation of anchor
  • Scope
  • Dynamic prediction of quality of anchor hold

At Anchor

diagram at anchor
  • Real-time anchor dragging distance with sub-meter accuracy
  • Anchor dragging velocity
  • Force on anchor
  • Dynamic prediction of quality of anchor hold
  • If anchor chain is lifted off the seabed

Lifting The Anchor

diagram hoisting the anchor
  • When anchor is aweigh
  • Anchor in sight
  • Anchor stowed

Our Customers

AnchorGuardian addresses both new built and existing boat customers.  

Super Yachts

diagram superyacht

Fishing Vessels

diagram fishing vessel

Leisure Boats

diagram leisure boat

Merchant Ships

diagram merchant ship
Yacht on blue water

Our Solution

AnchorGuardian provides high sub-meter accuracy with an early alarm if the anchor is dragging, independent of any movement of the ship.  Thereby false alarms due to factors like wind and tide, where the ship sways around the anchor, are eliminated.  A disruptive, patented technology that will change the way we see and approach the anchoring process. 

Our mission is to ensure that no matter the size of a vessel – whether it be a leisure boat, merchant ship, fishing vessel or super yacht – all information needed whilst anchoring is available to ensure safety for sailor, ship and sea.

Our Complete Package

Anchor Module

A sensor module between the anchor and the chain.

Boat Module

A standard, waterproof transducer integrated into the ship’s hull.

Charging Module

A charging module with a battery life of more than 24h.

Display Module

A standalone display module at all times providing real time information.

Dangers Associated With Anchoring


diagram collision

Collisions disrupt holidays, planned voyages and shipping schedules. They damage boats, sometimes irreparably, and can lead to physical harm. In a nutshell, collisions cause havoc for captains, crew and the immediate surroundings.  


diagram grounding

A dragging anchor can lead to groundings. The consequential losses of grounding can be significant: damage and loss to the vessel, other vessels, property and the environment. Not least of which, groundings have also led to loss of human life.

Oil Spills

diagram oil spill

Anchor dragging has been reported as the root cause of many oil spills and marine ecosystems suffer the brunt of these accidents long-term. They hamper the water-repelling abilities of bird’s feathers, they destroy the insulating ability of fur-bearing animals and they harm fish, shellfish and sea turtles.

Damaged Cables/Pipelines

diagram damaged pipeline

Accidents with underwater fiber net cables due to anchor dragging can have repercussions to neighbouring countries or even felt around the world when internet connections are broken. Operators estimate anchor dragging to be the main reason for damage to sub-sea oil and gas pipelines.


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We will be delivering the first pilots to superyacht customers mid 2021.
Depending on the customer segment (superyachts, merchant ships, leisure boats or fishing vessels) the market introduction varies. To receive timely information when the product for your vessel will become available, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form.

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