Slider Jörg Wagner Sophisticated, precise, and safe.
That is what anchoring should be.
PROF. DR. JÖRG WAGNER Inertial Navigation and Algorithms Specialist
and Co-Founder
Slider Stephan Nigg It is easy to throw a complex system at a
complex task. But solving it the
smart way is what ultimately creates
a meaningful solution.
STEPHAN NIGG Senior Hardware Engineer and Co-Founder
Slider Thomas Frizlen Achieving a lifelong ambition of safe anchoring
together with a great, innovative team
provides me with immense satisfaction.
THOMAS FRIZLEN Managing Director and Founder
Slider Suzy Chisholm Being able to follow our passions whilst
providing increased safety for lives above and
below the water surface inspires me on our path.
SUZY CHISHOLM Head of Company Communications and Co-Founder
Slider Thomas Burch As an avid sailor, I am passionate about
building innovative products that make
crew and passengers happy and safe.
THOMAS BURCH Head of Development and Co-Founder
Slider Erik Asplund I am fascinated by underwater technology
and underwater life. I study it, work with it,
photograph it and spend my free time around it.
It is worth every minute of my time.
ERIK ASPLUND Hydroacoustics and Signal Processing Specialist
and Co-Founder

How It All Started

Already sailing the seas whilst in vitro, you could say Thomas was born on a boat. He spent his childhood discovering the Stockholm archipelago with his father in their Schärenkreuzer and when not on the water, they were maintaining and repairing their wooden sailboat. Still a teenager but already an employee of a Swedish sailing school, he taught many young sailors the intricacies of sailing and navigating the 30’000+ islands surrounding the Swedish capital. Not only this, but he managed to let his love for the raw beauty surrounding him to seep into all of his lessons.

Before studying engineering management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, he spent a year teaching wind surfing in the Maldives. It was an opportunity to discover the almost infinite array of shapes and colours still existing at that time in the coral reefs.

Some sail to compete. Some sail to escape everyday demands. Thomas’s approach to sailing has always been to be one with the boat, the sea and the wind.

Thomas How It All Started

It has been his approach whilst guiding the boat through waters, but also when resting at bay. It was this “docked” aspect of sailing which never left him at ease and he realised early on, no captain is guaranteed peaceful anchoring.

And thus began the passion for safe anchoring.

Our Values

  • We believe an anchored boat should be safe for sailor, sea and ship.
  • We believe an anchored boat should never run the risk of damage.
  • We believe an anchored boat should never bring harm to man or marine life.
  • We are obsessed with reliable, intuitive solutions for our users.
  • Our success is measured by the value we create for the user.
  • We take ownership for our decisions.
  • We are driven by mutual respect, transparency & honesty.
  • We believe in well defined processes and knowledge management.
  • We welcome every opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.
  • We contribute to the oceans state of health.

Celebrate the individual

We celebrate and support the uniqueness of every individual.  We recognize the strength it brings to our company.  We check our biases, we are open to change, we accept differences, but we remain focused on a common goal.

Honor the oceans

We recognize our responsibility to honor and protect the oceans in all we do.  We are tied to the oceans and their health ensures our health.

Take safety seriously

We take safety seriously, integrating this mindset into all aspects of our work. We believe an anchored boat should never bring harm to man or marine life.

Be smart, not complex

We provide smart solutions to complex problems.

Trust & respect

We respect the basics of common decency. We trust each other and exemplify this behavior in all we do and with everyone we interact – without exception.

Believe there is a way, then find it

We believe there is always a way: thinking out of the box, taking initiative, learning from mistakes and exploring uncharted waters.

Embrace the crew

We embrace “us” as a whole, forging a strong foundation for Swiss Ocean Tech. We listen, we rely on one another but most importantly, we fail and succeed together, as a crew.

Take value beyond the horizon

Our success is measured by the value we create for the user and by the level of satisfaction we bring to all those who interact with us.

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