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Swiss Ocean Tech & SAIM Marine of the SAIM Group Announce Their Strategic Partnership Today



Bremgarten & Milano, September 28, 2022:  Swiss Ocean Tech (SOC), a start-up bringing safe anchoring to sailor, ship and sea and SAIM Marine, distributor and manufacturer of high-tech equipment, announce their joint partnership today. The partnership involves an investment to further develop the AnchorGuardian technology as well as assigning SAIM sole rights for distribution of the solution to the Italian market. 

With safety and sustainability playing an increasingly critical role in every aspect of yachting, industry players need to look more closely in how they address the anchoring process and how smart technology can help them do this. The SAIM-SOC partnership brings together deep skills in business strategy and technology development to help support yachters everywhere. 

“When we learned about Swiss Ocean Tech”, says Massimo Donà, President of SAIM Group, “we immediately found their vision nowadays imperative. It represented also a big opportunity for SAIM, since it complies perfectly with our long-term strategic plan to scout for high-tech solutions with a sustainable spirit”. 

In addition to providing necessary funding for further systems development, SAIM will work closely with SOC to optimize their market introduction strategy and to share industry expertise. Italy is the largest superyacht shipbuilding market worldwide and SOC can leverage insights from SAIM’s extensive network.  

“SAIM Marine is considered as a partner by all the main Italian boatbuilders”, added Marco Donà, CEO of SAIM Group. “We add value to the products we supply by advising the shipyards for their new projects, for a correct installation of the equipment as well as granting after-sales service, which is covered by a certified network of companies along the coasts”. 

Swiss Ocean Tech and SAIM are underscoring their partnership this fall with shared appearances at the biggest boat shows. Although only officially entering the market in 2023, SOC is introducing the AnchorGuardian solution to interested parties and potential customers at the SAIM booths.  

For Swiss Ocean Tech’s Founder Thomas Frizlen, “this partnership is key in providing us with invaluable access and knowledge to our direct market. Not only that, but SAIM brings years of experience and know-how which is vital for our young start-up. Very much at the beginning of our journey, I believe forming partnerships which are mutually beneficial will be the cornerstone for success as we move forward“. 

Frizlen added, “The focus of our efforts is safe anchoring. For that to succeed, the process has to become simpler. We are giving captains the information and control they need to set the anchor in the best possible way and to monitor it in real time while anchoring. We are taking the principle of anchor watch to the next level and SAIM with their extensive network and know-how will help us realize this vision.”

Link to the SAIM press release  Swiss Ocean Tech & SAIM Marine announce their strategic partnership today

Photo: Suzy Chisholm (Co-Founder of Swiss Ocean Tech), Marco Donà (CEO of SAIM Group), Massimo Donà (President of SAIM Group) & Thomas Frizlen (Founder of Swiss Ocean Tech)
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About Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd.
Swiss Ocean Tech Ltd. is a Swiss based company formally registered as a shares corporation in 2020. With a team of 8 spread out across Europe, Swiss Ocean Tech partners with leading research and technology organisations to bring safety to anchoring for sailor, ship and sea. Home of AnchorGuardian, a cutting-edge and patented technology which measures the position and absolute movement of a ship’s anchor providing early alarms when dragging is imminent. AnchorGuardian is set to go into production 2023. In 2022, Swiss Ocean Tech was nominated as a finalist in the Oceans Awards, held in partnership with BOAT International and the Blue Marine Foundation, celebrating the achievements of individuals, groups and organisations from around the world dedicated to restoring the health of our ocean.  For more news on Swiss Ocean Tech, go to 

About SAIM Group
Since 1951 SAIM Spa has been importing and distributing technological components and accessories and has become a point of reference for the marine and industrial markets. SAIM Marine, the marine Division of Saim Group, was officially born in 1993 and today imports and distributes high-tech equipment to the most famous shipyards. Its products and services are targeted both to pleasure crafts and to professional boats. SAIM Marine supports the shipyards in the projects development and has a direct service network along the coasts of Italy, France, Slovenia, Croatia as well as in the Gulf Countries, Hong Kong and Singapore. Saim Spa has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification for its Quality Management System. For more news on the SAIM Group, go to 

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